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Numerical Mathematics and Optimization


Overview of various collaboration in our area of research. Please click on the respective link to get more information.

Joint Research Projects:

  • Generalized Nash equilibrium problems
  • Quasi variational inequalities

Website Prof. Dr. Francisco Facchinei

Joint Research Projects:

  • Optimizationproblems with Switching Constraints
  • Relaxation Procedure

Website Prof. Dr. Patrick Mehlitz

Joint Research Projects:

  • Nonsmooth Analysis
  • Generalized Differentiation

Website Prof. Dr. Jiri Outrata

Joint Research Projects:

  • Generalized Nash equilibration problems
  • Optimization task with degenerating restrictions

Website Prof. Dr. Alexandra Schwartz

Joint Research Projects:

  • Optimal control
  • Nash equilibration problems in Banach-spaces

Website Prof. Dr. Daniel Wachsmuth

Joint Research Projects:

  • Variation problems in Banach-spaces
  • Augmented Lagrange methods

Website DFG SPP 1962