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  • Mathematische Formeln an einer Tafel
Number Theory

AaA7-Kolloquium, März 4-5, 2021


4. März:

14:00 Begrüßung

14:05-14:40 Stephan Baier (West Bengal): Diophantine Approximation with Prime Constraints in Quadratic Number Fields

14:45-15:20 Marc Technau (Graz): On the Metric Piatetski-Shapiro Prime Number Theorem

15:25-16:00 Samed Düzlü (Darmstadt): Applications of Automorphic Forms to Cryptographic Lattice Problems

16:05-16:40 Michael Meyer (Darmstadt): B-SIDH and SQISign primes: Fantastic p's and where to find them

16:45-17:20 Christian Weiß (Ruhr-West): Discrepancy properties of interval exchange transformations

ab 18:00 virtuelles Beisammensein


10:00 Begrüßung

10:05-10:40 Jeroen Spandaw (Delft): Zahlen, Zerlegungen und Zustände

10:45-11:20 Ade Irma Suriajaya (Kyushu): Error term of the Riesz mean of Hardy-Littlewood singular series

11:25-12:00 Thanasis Sourmelidis (Graz): Dirichlet Polynomial Approximations for L-functions from the Selberg class of Small Degree


13.00-13.35 Teerapat Srichan (Bangkok): On coprimality of Integers in Piatetski-Shapiro Sequences

13:40-14:15 Helmut Maier (Ulm): Cotangent Sums Related to the Riemann Hypothesis for Various Shifts of the Argument

14:20-14:55 Pascal Stumpf (Würzburg): A Note on Covering Residue Classes by Translates (verschoben)

15:00-15:35 Niclas Technau (Madison): Littlewood and Duffin-Schaeffer-Type Problems in Diophantine Approximation