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Number Theory

Prof. Dr. Jörn Steuding

Prof. Dr. Jörn Steuding

Professor of Number Theory
Emil-Fischer-Straße 40
97074 Würzburg
Building: 40 (Mathematik Ost)
Room: 02.012
Portrait Joern Steuding

  • Since 2006: Professor for Number Theory at the University of Würtzburg
  • 2004-2006: ‘Ramon y Cajal’-investigador at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 
  • 2004: Habilitation at the University of Frankfurt (venia legendi)
  • 1999-2004: Postdoc in the working group of Prof. Dr. W. Schwarz and Prof. Dr. J. Wolfart at  Frankfurt
  • 1999: PhD supervised by Prof. Dr. G.J. Rieger at the University of Hannover
  • 1996-1999: Assistant of Prof. G.J. Rieger at  Hannover
  • 1991-1995: Studies of Mathematics at the University of Hannover

  • Erasmus Coordinator of the department (together with Dr. Jens Jordan)
  • ζ


My research area is number theory:


  • Zeta- and L-Functions (zero distribution, universality, Random Matrix Theory, Selberg class)
  • Diophantine analysis (diophantine approximation and diophantine equations, abc, continued fractions)
  • Modular forms and elliptic curves 
  • Algebraic number theory
  • Elementary number theory


Selected Publications:
  • On simple zeros of the Riemann zeta-function in short intervals on the critical line, Acta Mathematica Hungarica  96 (2002), 259-308
  • On the number of prime divisors of elliptic curves modulo p, Acta Arithmetica  117 (2005), 341-352; erratum  119 (2005), 407-408 (mit A. Weng)
  • On the zero-distribution of Epstein zeta-functions, Mathematische Annalen  333 (2005), 689-697
  • Joint universality for sums and products of Dirichlet L-functions,  Analysis  26 (2006), 295-312 (mit J. Sander)
  • Arithmetic progressions of four squares over quadratic fields, Publicationes Mathematicae Debrecen  77 (2010), 125-138 (mit E. González-Jiménez)
  • Universality for L-functions in the Selberg class, Lith. Math. J.  50 (2010), 293-311 (mit H. Nagoshi)
  • The Riemann zeta function on arithmetic progressions, Exp. Math.  21 (2012), 235-240 (mit E. Wegert)
  • Negative values of the Riemann zeta function on the critical line, Mathematika  59 (2013), 443-462 (mit J. Kalpokas, M.A. Korolev)
  • Extreme values of L-functions from the Selberg class, International Journal of Number Theory  9 (2013), 1113-1124 (mit L. Pankowski)
  • Differential universality, Mathematische Nachrichten  286 (2013), 160-170 (mit T. Christ, V. Vlachou)
  • Complex continued fractions: early work of the brothers Adolf and Julius Hurwitz, Archive for History of Exact Sciences  68 (2014), 499-528 (mit N.Oswald)
  • The least prime number in a Beatty sequence, Journal of Number Theory  169 (2016), 144-159 (mit M. Technau)
  • Zeta-functions associated with quadratic forms in Adolf Hurwitz’s estate, Bull. Am. Math. Soc.  53 (2016), 477-481 (mit N. Oswald)
  • Diophantine Analysis, CRC Press/Chapman-Hall 2005
  • Value distribution of L-functions, Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1877, Springer 2007
  • Elementare Zahlentheorie. Ein sanfter Einstieg in die höhere Mathematik, Springer Spektrum, 2015 (mit N. Oswald)