• Schild Campus Hubland Nord

Luminy 2023

Universality, Zeta-Functions, and Chaotic Operators

August 7-11, 2023, Luminy

One of the main goals of the workshop is to bring together the two largely independent communities investigating universality phenomena and related questions in order to present current progress and key research questions in their respective fields to each other. Some researchers continue the investigations of Voronin; this group can be considered as part of the analytic number theory community. The other group has its roots in the theory of functions and functional analysis. There exist several aspects of universality phenomena that are of interest in both communities, and an exchange of perspectives and ideas would definitely be fruitful and stimulating future research! In fact, there are already some successful joint works. Moreover, the upcoming 50th anniversary of Voronin’s discovery would be a perfect occasion for this event.

The conference program is available clicking here.