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Mathematical Fluid Mechanics


Topics for theses will be found individually. If interested contact:
It makes sense to attend an AG or Seminar to get familiar with a topic.


Ongoing theses:

Master students:

Marius Volpert  applying Guermond's invariant domain preserving algorithm for low Mach problems by using an IMAX approach
Gerhard Dill Machine learning applied to an industrial process
Janina Kern numerical methods for conservation laws

Armin Hofmann  

a neural network as a troubled-cell indicator in the numerical simulations of conservation laws
Andrea Lörke non-intrusive data-driven reduced-order modeling for time-dependent parametrized problems coupled with uncertainty quatification
Annika Gutzeit low Mach and well-balanced num. methods for Euler w. gravity using relaxation Riemann solvers
Melissa Lange  optimal transport for seismic inverse problems
Miriam Schönleben   computing 2-dim. linear elastcity with enhancements by deep learning
Simon Wenchel a GPU implementation of a discontinuous Galerkin method applied to the Cahn-Hillard equation


Bachelor students:

Leon Jakobi 

shallow water equations and numerical applications using CLAWPACK



Find more thesis in the list of finished theses.