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Mathematical Fluid Mechanics


Topics for theses will be found individually. If interested contact: klingenberg@mathematik.uni-wuerzburg.de
It makes sense to attend an AG or Seminar to get familiar with a topic.


Ongoing theses:

Masters students:

Lukas Berberich  uncertainty quantification for inverse imaging
Jonas Jackwirth Korteweg de Vries qquations
Tobias Herzing stochastic partial differential equations    
Kardelen Koc  stationarity preserving schemes for hyperbolic equations     
Mathis Vogelsang discontinuous Galerkin methods   
Kathrin Hellmuth stochastic modeling mathematical finance
Lukas Baumgärtner total generalised variation on triagulated surfaces


Bachelor students: 

Marc Scheller  Zulassungarbeit: Systeme von gewöhnlichen Differentialgleichungen mit Anwendungen auf Epedemie Modelle in der Biologie
Fridolin Popov   ein Modell zur Bewegung von Zellen
Jonas Schlecht kinetische Gleichungen
Moritz Beck mashine learning in cooperation with the company "Wölfel"
Anna Lentz Numerics for Conservation Laws
Johannes Rieger Theorie von Fluidgleichungen



A list of finished theses can be found here