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Mini-course on Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Equations
Datum: 23.01.2020, 14:00 - 15:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Veranstaltung
Ort: Hubland Nord, Geb. 40, 03.003
Vortragende:r: Elena Gaburro

The short course on numerical methods consists of 6 hours lectures, supplemented with live simulations, on advanced numerical methods for solving hyperbolic partial differential equations. The course covers Finite Volume methods, second order TVD methods, higher order ENO-WENO techniques, and the Discontinuous Galerkin approach, both in the simple one-dimensional case and on complex unstructured geometries. The course is primarily designed for Master and PhD students and also post-doctoral researchers, and it is rounded-off by an advanced state of the art seminar-style lecture on high order accurate Lagrangian schemes on so called crazy moving unstructured meshes.


Meetings: Tuesdays Jan. 7, 14 and 21 from 1 to 2 pm and Thursdays Jan. 9, 16, 23 from 2 toi 3 pm in room 40.03.003