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Scientific Computing

Workshop for a pioneer


It rarely happens that foreign scientists organize a workshop at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. The Würzburg mathematician Alfio Borzi has now done so, together with colleagues from the Netherlands and the USA. The occasion was the anniversary of a groundbreaking paper.

Forty years ago, the Israeli mathematician Achi Brandt published his fundamental writings on new approaches for the rapid solution of limit value problems. Since then the work has been cited more than 4000 times in publications by other mathematicians. The anniversary was the occasion for Brandt's students and their generation of students to host a workshop on "Multilevel computational methods and optimization" at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

One of the organizers was Professor Alfio Borzi, holder of the Chair of Scientific Computing at the University of Würzburg and Brandt's second-generation student. "Achi Brandt is virtually the father of this special method for fast numerical simulations," says Borzi. The workshop at Brandt's former place of work was a "meeting of old friends from all over the world".

Computer-aided numerical simulation

Today, computer-aided numerical simulations are used in many areas, from the natural sciences to engineering and economics. The design and simulation of the inlet port of a cylinder head in engines, the modeling and visualization of electrical excitation waves in the brain or the design and control of nano- and microsystems: These are all areas in which mathematicians contribute with their simulations to mastering the scientific and technical challenge.

The workshop in Israel was therefore attended by experts from many fields and in many areas: Physics, biology, chemistry, economics, geography, computer science, technology - scientists from every field were represented. For three days they discussed the latest developments in the field of numerical simulation - and of course they did not forget to celebrate. After all, Achi Brandt could celebrate his 75th birthday this year. A short  Video illustrates what it looks like when mathematicians celebrate. It shows Achi Brandt at the workshop, explaining how the multigrid processes he helped develop help to produce goat's cheese.

The Weizmann Institute

The Weizmann Institute of Science is the leading institute for scientific research and education in Rehovot, Israel. "In the style of a typical American university, but located out in the desert," says Alfio Borzi. Founded in 1934 by the chemist and later Israeli President Chaim Weizmann, the institute today teaches, researches, learns and works with around 1000 scientists, 1000 students, 220 post-docs and 400 administrative staff, spread over five faculties.

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