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Scientific Computing

Research Areas

Fokker-Planck equations and the optimal control of stochastic processes

We work on the development of a new framework for the optimal control of probability density functions (PDF) of stochastic processes. This framework is based on Fokker-Planck (FP) partial differential equations that govern the time evolution of the PDF of stochastic systems and on control objectives that may require to follow a given PDF trajectory or to minimize an expected-value functional.


Optimum Control of Quantum Systems

Control of quantum systems is central in a variety of present and perspective applications ranging from quantum optics and quantum chemistry to semiconductor nanostructures, including the emerging fields of quantum computation and quantum communication.


Multigrid methods for PDEs and PDE optimization

Multilevel strategies originate from the methodology of viewing a problem as having different characteristic length-scales, and based on this paradigma develop and combine numerical solution schemes that are effective on these scales in such a way to obtain fast and accurate solution procedures to the original problem. In this framework, multilevel (or multigrid) methods apply to many classes of linear and nonlinear algebraic and functional problems.


Modelling, simulation and optimisation with differential models

Modelling, simulation and optimisation are three main interests of our work. These topics are central in applied mathematics and have a multitude of applications ranging from bio-chemistry to medical imaging and social sciences.