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Scientific Computing

Final Theses

Topics for theses

  • Numerics of stochastic systems
  • Analysis of Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov equations
  • Optimal Control of partial differential equations
  • Modelling and optimisation of bio-chemical systems
  • Image analysis
  • Formulation and solution of quantum control problems
  • Multigrid methods for nonlinear systems of PDEs
  • Simulation and control of stochastic models
  • Optimal control of dynamical systems
  • Quantum control problems
  • Mathematics of vision
  • Inverse problems

For some works student assistant contracts can be concluded. Please contact us or send an email to: l-math9@mathematik.uni-wuerzburg.de

Supervised doctoral, master's and bachelor's theses

  • Theoretical and numerical investigation of optimal control problems governed by kinetic models, Jan Bartsch (09/ 2021)
  • Numerical methods for solving openloop non zero-sum differential Nash games, F. Calà Campana (07/2021)
  • A sequential quadratic Hamiltonian scheme for solving optimal control problems with non-smooth cost functionals,T. Breitenbach (06/2019)
  • On Multigrid and Η-Matrix Methods for Partial Integro-Differential Equations, D. Kioi Gathungu (12/2017)
  • A Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of a Kohn-Sham Equation and Related Control Problems, M. Sprengel (08/2017)
  • Theoretical and numerical analysis of Fokker-Planck optimal control problems for jump-diffusion processes, B. Gaviraghi (03/2017)
  • Optimal Control and Function Identification in Biological Processes, J. Merger, (10/2016)
  • Proximal methods in medical image reconstruction and in nonsmooth optimal control of partial differential equations, A. Schindele, (07/2016)
  • On the optimal control through leadership of multi-agent systems, S. Wongkaew (10/2015)
  • Optimal control of quantum spin systems, G. Ciaramella (07/2015)
  • Discretization of the Fokker-Planck equation and related control systems, M. Mohammadi (02/2015)
  • Formulation and Multigrid Solution of Cauchy-Riemann Optimal Control Problems, M. Munir Butt, Univ. Graz (07/2011)
  • Multigrid Optimization Methods for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems, M. Vallejos, Univ. Graz (09/2008)


  • Multilevel multiscale convolutional neural networks, Nadja Vater (ongoing)
  • Modelling and control of stochastic systems from behavioural epidemiology, Jacob Körner (ongoing)
  • Probabilistic methodologies for neural networks, Sebastian Hofmann (ongoing)

  • Segmentation by weighted aggregation, Anna Rauch (01/2022)
  • Parameter Optimization of Neural Networks with Differential Evolution\\for Image Analysis, Kristina Meth (10/2021).
  • Synchronization of Kuramoto and FitzHugh-Nagumo Networks, Melissa Finster, (09/2021).
  • Ecosystem models and social balance from a synchronization perspective, Hannah Weinmann, (09/2021).
  • Optimal design with Liouville equation for optical systems, Sarah Winkelmann (03/2021).
  • Sequential quadratic Hamiltonian schemes for training Runge-Kutta structured neural networks , Sebastian Hofmann (02/2021)
  • The Pontryagin maximum principle for solving Liouville optimal control problems , Max Steinlein (09/2020)
  • Continious Models of Pulse-coupled Neural Networks for Image Segmentation, Jonas Kleineisel (08/2020)
  • A FEM-SQH Framework for Solving Elliptic Optimization Problems , Nico Nees (07/2020)
  • On the SSN and SQH methods for solving non-smooth optimal control problems , Andreas Seufert (05/2020)
  • Nested Iteration for Approximation with Neural Networks, Nadja Henning (08/2019)
  • Optimal control problems governed by Liouville models - Mathematical analysis and implementation, Jan Bartsch (04/2018)
  • On the optimal control of a new cancer therapy model, M. Kienle Garrido (07/2017)
  • A Mathematical Investigation of a New Lorentz-covariant Heat Conduction Model, L. Schäfer (03/2017)
  • Analysis of discretization of a modified Crank-Nicolson scheme for quantum optimal control problems, M. Herrmann (07/2016)
  • Stability and accuracy of a pseudospectral scheme for the Wigner function equation, A. Thomann (10/2015)
  • Formulation and numerical solution of an eigenvalue optimization problem, T. Breitenbach (07/2015)
  • Formulation and investigation of a new stochastic hybrid system for subtilin production and the corresponding Fokker-Planck equation, V. Thalhofer (01/2015)
  • A numerical approach for solving a Fokker-Planck controllability problem, Univ. Würzburg, T. Fischer 01/2015)
  • Efficient algorithms for detection of particles and filaments, F. Beislein (05/2014)
  • The numerical solution of elliptic integro-differential equations with applications, A. Klüber (01/2014)
  • Investigation of a Robust Single Particle Tracking Algorithm, J. Kwasny (11/2013)
  • Optimal Control of Spin Systems using Newton's Method and Symplectic Discretization, M. Götz (11/2013)
  • A Lie algebraic and numeric investigation of the Black-Scholes equation with Heston volatility model, J. Merger (10/2013)
  • Two Efficient Methods for Optimal Control of a Mass Transport Problem, L. Radnai (10/2012)
  • An Adjoint-Based Optimization Scheme For Solving Time-Domain Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering Problems, R. Mancini (110/110 cum Laude, 10/2009)
  • A Bayesian Sequential Probing Method to Electromagnetic Inverse Problems, D. Russo, Univ. Sannio (110/110 cum Laude, 09/2009)
  • Spectral Methods for Schrödinger Equation,  E. Decker, Univ. Graz (2005


  • Über einen Algorithmus für Stereovision, K. Schneider (01/2017)
  • Optimal Control of Androgen Suppression for Prostate Cancer, Jan Bartsch (09/2016)
  • Ein mathematisches Modell zur radiologischen Behandlung von Tumorzellen unter Berücksichtigung stochastischer Störeinflüsse, M. Krauß (04/2014)
  • Ein mathematisches Modell des Tumorzellwachstums, Christoph Y. Schwemin (01/2014)
  • Die Numerische Simulation von Pilzmyzel Wachstsum mit Reaktions-Diffusions Gleichungen, A. Thomann (09/2013)
  • Stochastische Modellierung von Weingärung, S. Juschkat (02/2013)
  • Optimale Steuerung von Bloch Systemen mit symplektischer Diskretisierung, V. Thalhofer (09/2012)
  • Berechnung des optischen Flusses mit der Horn-Shunck-Methode und der Methode von Kazufimo Ito, F. Gabel (08/2012)
  • Die Fokker-Planck Steuerungsmethode für eindimensionale stochastische Prozesse, C. Müller (12/2011)