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Exercises on Optimal Control: Calculus of Variation ODE, Optimal Control ODE, Optimal Control PDE (A. Borzi, SOSE 2019)
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Exercise on Numerical PDEs (F. Calà Campana, WISE2017/18)
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Lecture Notes

Numerical methods for optimization and optimal control (Seminar Optimierung)geschrieben von Hannah Weinmann, Melissa Finster, Max Steinlein und Jonas Kleineisel

Modellierung und Wissenschaftliches Rechnengeschrieben von Richard Schmähl

Neural Networks and ODE Problems (für Studenten der MoWiR Vorlesung)

Multilevel methods in optimization with partial differential equations

A very short introduction to multigrid methods

Students' Projects

A (conditional) Generative Adversarial Network von Bastian Dittrich (2021)

Playing Pong with Deep Reinforcement Learning von Michael Krebsbach (2021)

Cybenko’s Theorem and the capability of a neural network as function approximator von Andrea Lörke, Fabian Schneider, Johannes Heck und Patrick Nitter (2019)

Evolution of biological Reaction Diffusion Equations on various surfaces by Hannah Weinmann and Jonas Kleineisel (2019)

The Evolution of Tumor Models by Max Steinlein (2019)

Modeling planetary motion - a brief introduction to Keplers problem - by Arsen Kadyrov and Tanja Neder (2019)

Software for Simplex Algorithm and Minimal cost circulations Authors: Florian Hammer, Anna Weitzel, Urs Scheffner, Uwe Herkert Introduction
Readme, SimplexGUI.fig, SimplexGUI.m Readme, Wegsuche.fig, Wegsuche.m

Die Laplace und Poisson Gleichung(2004)

Die Wärmeleitungsgleichung(2004)

Die Transportgleichung(2004)

Die Wellengleichung

Modellierung Physiologische Prozesse
by Gerda Görig, Isabell Piantschitsch, Birgit Spörk.

Numerische Methoden zur Approximation von Lösung gewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen
by Oliver Ebner, Matthias Puhr, Andreas Reinhart, Matthias Weissenbacher.

Stabilität von Differentialgleichungen
by Thomas Hirschler, Martin Filzmaier, Andreas Philipp, Christoph Unterberger.

PhD Schools

Numerical solution of elliptic partial differential equations. Workshop in Applied Mathematics, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, February, 2005.

Multilevel methods in optimization with PDE models, PhD School Mathematics for Technology at the University of Catania, Catania, Italy, Mai 20-26, 2007.

Multilevel methods in optimization with PDE models, PhD Summer School ‘Optimization and Control with Applications in Modern Technologies’ at Schloss Thurnau, Germany, July 23-27, 2007.

Multigrid methods for optimal control problems with PDEs
Multilevel methods for parameter identification problems
(Thirty-second Conference of the 'Dutch and Flemish Numerical Analysis Communities', Woudschoten Conference, Zeist, The Netherlands, 3 - 5 October, 2007.)