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Applied Stochastics

Probability 1

08001300 · Stochastik 1

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Markus Bibinger

Tutor: Patrick Bossert

  • Date and location: There are  lectures each Wednesday, 10:15-11:45 am, and each Thursday, 12:15-13:45 pm, in Hörsaal 2, Nat.wiss. HS-Bau.
  • Start: 19.10.2022, 10:15 am
  • Exercises (Vst.-Nr.  08001350): Thursday at 10 am and 4 pm in S0.106 and S0.107, BSZ. Tutorials will start in the second lecture week.
  • Exams: Written exam on February 15th, 9am, Turing-Hörsaal.
  • Registration for the exam: Via WueStudy, registration period will be announced.
  • Language: German


Contents of the lecture:

This course gives an introduction to probability theory and its foundations based on measure theory. We consider fundamental concepts of probability including

  • Probability spaces
  • Random variables and measurability
  • Discrete distributions and combinatorics
  • Conditional probability and independence
  • Expectation and integration theory
  • Absolutely continuous distributions, densities and distribution functions
  • First elements of mathematical statistics
  • Asymptotics with laws of large numbers and normal approximation

Requirements: Elementary calculus and algebra


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(1) Registration (Vst.-Nr. 08001350) in WueStudy is required!

(2) Materials (lecture notes, exercise sheets) via WueCampus (link).