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Applied Stochastics

Analysis 2

08000400 · Analysis 2

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Markus Bibinger

Assistant: Michael Heins


  • Date and location:  There are  lectures each Wednesday and Thursday, 10:15-11:45 am, in the Turing-Hörsaal.
  • Start: 27.04.2022, 10:15 am, in the Turing-Hörsaal
  • Exercises (Vst.-Nr. 08000450): Tutorials will start in the second lecture week.
  • Exams: Written exam after the end of the course, exact appointment announced later.
  • Registration for the exam: Via WueStudy, registration period will be announced during the lecture.
  • Language: German


Contents of the lecture:

This course for second-year students in Mathematics is devoted to the fundamentals of analysis and builds upon the course Analysis I from last semester. With the contents of the course Analysis I and the courses Lineare Algbera 1+2 we provide a solid basis for the Mathematics study paths.

In particular, the lecture contains the following contents:

  • basic topology
  • gamma function
  • multidimensional differential calculus
  • Banach fixed-point theorem
  • Implicit function theorem
  • Submanifolds

Literature: (a few well-known German books on Analysis 1)

  • Analysis 2 by Otto Forster, Springer, 2010, Link
  • Analysis 2 by Stefan Hildebrandt, Springer, 2003, Link
  • Analysis 2 by Konrad Königsberger, Springer, 2002, Link



(1) Registration (Vst.-Nr. 0803305) in WueStudy is required.

(2) Materials (lecture notes, videos, exercise sheets) via WueCampus (Link).