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Scientific Computing

Alfio Borzì at SWR1 People


SWR1 Baden Württemberg programme 'People' (Leute) on 12.7.2018 with Alfio Borzì

Alfio Borzi bei SWR1 Leute

How must the inlet channel of a cylinder head be designed so that the engine consumes as little fuel as possible? How can electrical excitation waves be visualized in the brain and heart? These are questions answered by "scientific computing". Application-oriented research questions from science and industry are thus dealt with using modern numerical methods. The Italian mathematician Alfio Borzi is a specialist in this new mathematical discipline. He is Professor of Scientific Computing at the University of Würzburg. Alfio Borzi comes from Catania in Sicily, studied and researched in Trieste, Graz, Oxford and Benevento, among other places. On 12.07.2018 he answered the questions of presenter Nicole Köster in the SWR1 programme People.

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