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siehe Ankündigungen - in Seminarraum SE 30.02.003 (2. Stock) (Mathe West)

Frühere Vorträge
12.10.18On smoothers for the multigrid of the second kind Dr. Adem Kaya
28.05.18Games to solve Joint Data Completion and Obstacle Detection in Stokes ProblemsProf. Dr. Abderrahmane Habbal
05.03.18A multigrid optimization algorithm for the numerical solution of quasilinear variational inequalities involving the p-LaplacianSofía López
08.02.18Stabilization of Hydrodynamics Equations by feedback control:
the main concepts and ideas; history and perspectives
Prof. Dr. Andrey V. Fursikov
20.11.17Model-based magnetic particle imagingDr. Tobias Kluth
26.06.17Loss of regularity in hyperbolic Cauchy problemsProf. Dr. Francesco Fanelli
12.06.17Eine affin covariante Composite-Step Methode zur PDE-OptimierungProf. Dr. Anton Schiela
27.04.17Modeling avoidance dynamics by FP-constrained Nash gamesProf. Dr. Abderrahmane Habbal
05.04.17A Support Theorem for Integral Moments of a Symmetric m-Tensor Field Rohit Kumar Mishra
28.11.16Schnelle und robuste Lösung von FE-Systemen unter Verwendung hierarchischer Matrizen Prof. Dr. Mario Bebendorf
14.11.16Control methods for the optimization of plasma scenarios in a tokamakDr. Holger Heumann
08.06.16Optimale Steuerung in den LebenswissenschaftenProf. Dr. Kurt Chudej
23.03.16Model risk and robustness of quadratic hedging strategiesProf. Dr. Michèle Vanmaele
01.02.16Rational functions and finite permutation groupsProf. Dr. Peter Müller
25.01.16Optimal control of patterns in some reaction-diffusion systemsChristopher Ryll
14.12.15Integral equations based methods for the numerical solution of some boundary inverse problemsProf. Dr. Roman Chapko
23.11.15Quantum filtering and its stability problemDr. Nina Amini
17.06.15Towards the optimal control of TDDFT modelsMartin Sprengel
20.05.15Proximal methods for solving elliptic non-smooth optimal control problemsAndreas Schindele
06.05.15An lp-Tikhonov regularization scheme for a linear inverse source problemChristian Schmiedecke
24.04.15Foundations of Option Pricing and Model Calibration with Empirical Option PricesProf. Dr. Hanno Gottschalk
23.03.15Parabolic Equation of normal type connected with 3D Helmholtz systemProf. Dr. Andrey V. Fursikov
04.02.15Opinion Dynamics Under The Influence Of Radical Groups, Charismatic Leaders And Other Constant Signals – A Simple Unifying ModelProf. Dr. Rainer Hegselmann
04.02.15Optimal control of opinion dynamicsDr. Sascha Kurz
03.12.14Computational Fluid Dynamics in der VerfahrenstechnikProf. Dr.-Ing. Helge Möbus
22.07.14Optimal control of the wine fermentation processJuri Merger
07.07.14Modelling and control through a leadership of a refined flocking systemSuttida Wongkaew
24.06.14Analysis of discretization schemes for Fokker-Planck equations and related optimality systemsMasoumeh Mohammadi
17.06.14Newton methods for optimal control of closed quantum spin systemsGabriele Ciaramella
17.06.14An Optimal feedback control for undamped wave equations by solving a HJB equationDr. Axel Kröner
03.06.14An operator splitting method for solving a class of Fokker-Planck equationsBeatrice Gaviraghi
27.05.14An Efficient Signal Reconstruction Algorithm using Sparsity and Total VariationAndreas Schindele
20.05.14A FE based Multigrid scheme for elliptic Nash-equilibrium optimal control problemsMohammad Tanvir Rahman
18.10.13Analyse von Reflexionsspektren der menschlichen Haut in der RechtsmedizinDr. Liudmila Belenki
18.09.13Multiscale Detection of Faint Edges in Noisy ImagesDr. Meirav Galun
16.04.13Parameter Estimation for Forward Kolmogorov Equation with Application to Nonlinear Exchange Rate DynamicsProf. Dr. Ekaterina Kostina
09.04.13A PDE constrained optimization approach to the simulation of discrete fracture network flowsProf. Dr. Stefano Berrone
05.04.13Optimal Reliability in Design for Fatigue LifeProf. Dr. Hanno Gottschalk
11.02.13Estimating volatility and parameters of stochastic volatility modelsBeatrice Gaviraghi
15.01.13Real-time monitoring of receptor signalling in living cells: from intracellular signalling microdomains to single moleculesDr. Davide Calebiro
23.11.2012Krümmungsprofil in Schwarz-Weiß-BildernAndreas Schindele
19.11.2012Recurrent Neural Networks in System Identification, Forecasting and ControlDr. Hans-Georg Zimmermann
24.07.2012Second-order sufficient conditions for optimal control of static elastoplasticity with linear kinematic hardeningProf. Dr. Christian Meyer
18.07.2012Sciospec Scientific Instruments Company ProfileMartin Bulst, Sciospec Scientific Instruments
06.07.2012A Mimetic Discretization of Elliptic Obstacle ProblemsDr. Marco Verani
05.06.2012Parabolic control problems in measure spacesAss.-Prof. Dr. Christian Clason
30.05.2012Antrittsvorlesung "Inverse Probleme"Prof. Dr. Bastian von Harrach
25.05.2012Control through operators for quantum chemistryJulien Salomon
02.05.2012Vorwissen-basierte CT-BildrekonstruktionDipl.-Phys. Sven Vaegler
09.01.2012Identifiability of a Conductor by Electromagnetic MeasurementsDipl.-Math. Lilian Arnold
18.01.2012The Hardy Inequality and SpectraltheoryProf. RNDr. Alois Kufner, DrSc.
12.12.2011Einige Bemerkungen zum p-Laplace-OperatorProf. Dr. Jürgen Appell
05.12.2011Stabilizing and economic MPC without terminal constraintsProf. Dr. Lars Grüne
23.11.2011Mathematics for Industrial DesignProf. Dr. Volker Schulz
21.11.2011Algorithms for optimal transport in dimension 1Julien Salomon
18.11.2011Compressed sensing in der dynamischen MagnetresonanztomographieProf. Dr. Herbert Köstler
14.11.2011Die Rekonstruktion von Quellverteilungen mit Hilfe der gefensterten Fourier TransformationDr. Roland Griesmaier
07.11.2011Exact shape-reconstruction by one-step linearization in electrical impedance tomogoraphyProf. Dr. Bastian von Harrach
30.06.2011Numerical solution to the Liouville Master Equation for piecewise deterministic processesDr. Mario Annunziato
20.05.2011Preconditioning linear systems in PDE-constrained optimization by parallel aggregation-based multilevel methodsProf. Daniela di Serafino
03.05.2011A globalized Newton method for the optimal control of multiple interacting fermionsGreg von Winckel

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