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Mathematics Education


Online learning in Internet

mathe online A gallery of learning aids for all audiences: students and self-study
Mathematics online Task trainers, exercises for many areas and a glossary of mathematical terms can be found on this page
Didactics of Mathematics Homepage of the Chair of Didactics of Mathematics in Bayreuth, with online learning environments on various mathematical topics
Virtual University of Bavaria The Virtual University of Bavaria offers lectures for registered users on science courses
SELFHTML Very good site for learning HTML, the programming language for websites
www.LernenimInternet.de partially paid courses on programming languages such as HTML, mySQL, Perl and applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint ...


"Everything" about calculators English-speaking smorgasbord on all sorts of online computers from Scientific to Currency
School administration Info page of the company Texas Instruments concerning calculator funding programs in school and education

General ...

www.wissen.de Large knowledge archive on the Internet with search function
www.duden.de Homepage of the dictionary manufacturer with a crash course for the new spelling, a "quick check" and of course the product overview
www.britannica.com English-language online encyclopedia
However, only registered users have access to the complete articles
babelfish.altavista.com/translate.dyn Online translator, with support for many languages: English - German, German - English, German - French ...
dict.tu-chemnitz.de English dictionary of the TU Chemnitz
www.sophos.com/downloads/ide Homepage of the Sophos Anti-Virus program with up-to-date virus library updates