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Mathematics Education


For those interested in mathematics

Mathematical Cafe general mathematics page at the end of the Internet (according to the author) with a large collection of links
Mathe meeting mathematical meeting place with forum and chat as well as a puzzle corner
The Math Forum English-language mathematics forum for all target groups. There are also special teacher forums for sharing experiences
mathematikunterricht.de very good site around math, also with teaching material for instructors
Math corner Here you will find interesting and useful information about mathematics. The offer on this homepage will be gradually extended.
School of Mathematics Math pages by Peter Krahmer
Math archives arranged with large link collection according to mathematical subdomains
Picture book on Mathematics Picture book on selected topics of mathematics by Wolfgang Pavel

History of Mathematics

History of Mathematics Biographies, historical themes, famous curves worked up historically
Life data of Mathematicians just that: life data of famous mathematicians
Famous Mathematicians Life data of famous mathematicians, partly with brief information about the persons
History of computational resources Historical information on mathematical devices such as abacus, calculator, slide rule, curta, and and and ...
Organum mathematicum - the mathematical organ Info page about the mathematical colossi

Mathematics is something different

Drawbridge out of service Thoughts on the state of mathematics in society
World of M.C. Escher Page about M.C. Escher, half artist, half mathematician ...
The powers of numbers An article about the daily handling and revival of pay

Java applets on math and science

Applet-Puzzle DIY jigsaw puzzles
www.mste.uiuc.edu Collection of various applets, also on physical and chemical topics
www.ies.co.jp/math/java/index.html Over 200 applets sorted by mathematical topics
www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/Java/ Applets to famous mathematical curves like ellipse, etc