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Mathematics Education

Software & Downloads

In this section you will find some links to many useful programs in mathematics. You can also download some materials at the bottom of the page.


Computer algebra system

Computer algebra systems (CAS) can be used to deal with the most of the school problems concerning algebra, analysis, equations and systems of equations, trigonometry, vectors and matrices, differential analysis and integral calculus.




Dynamic geometry software

Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS) allows creating geometrical pictures that are dynamical. More precisely, pictures in which points can be moved (using the mouse) without losing the defined relationships between the geometrical objects. It can also be used to create interactive applets and the associated HTML documents, i.e. dynamic worksheets.





Zum Einstieg | Dynamische Arbeitsblätter | Hilfe



Archimedes Geo3D


Cabri 3D


With Spreadsheet programs (TKP), you can deal with complex calculations, data in diagram and much more.


Excel (oder im Webshop für Studis)



Excel-Ecke, Arbeitsblätter für den Mathematikunterricht

Excelwerkstatt, Problemlösungen mit Excel


Mathematik alpha

Mathematics alpha consists of a comprehensive lexicon and several hundred subprograms on many topics of school mathematics, but also interdisciplinary problems of physics, astronomy and computer science.


Poly is a shareware program for exploring and manipulating geometrical bodies.


Math Assistant is first intended for a target group composed by students and teachers of Gymnasium. Nevertheless, it can also be used by any people that are interested in math. The program solves most of the problems arising from Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Stochastic, and Linear Algebra.


POV-Ray is a 3D raytracer for creating three-dimensional bodies or structures. The source text-based editing, however, requires a certain amount of training.


Descartes3D is a vector tutorial for use at general education schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities. It allows the creation of three-dimensional objects in a virtual scene in which the viewer can move freely.


The freeware program Funkyplot is a powerful feature plotter, which impresses with its diverse output options.


MatheGrafix is an easy-to-use, very good feature plotter. You can plot functions and integrate the corresponding pictures within documents. The program is freeware.


Word-Makro FunkFix
Function plotter under Word by Jürgen Kretschmann, Realschule Forchheim 195 KB



Function plotter under Excel by U. Würfl and R. Triftshäuser (School home page)

For more information about this program, see the class materials

262 KB

251 KB

HTML Editor Phase 5 FreeWare HTML Editor by Ulli Meybohm & Hans-Dieter Berretz 1,5 MB
Cinderella 1 Cinderella 1.4 by Jürgen Richter-Gebert & Ulrich Kortenkamp is now available as freeware!  
Cinderella 2-Lizenz Cinderella 2.0 is available as a demo version, which can be unlocked with the license key.  
EUKLID DynaGeo Latest version of EUKLID DynaGeo by Roland Mechling. 1,2 MB

Password protected license file for  EUKLID Dynageo

(Hint:Right-click on the link and then select "Save target as ..."".)

887 KB
Archimedes Geo3D Latest version of Archimedes Geo3D  by Andreas Goebel. 1,2 MB
Archimedes Geo3D-Lizenz

Password protected license file for  Archimedes Geo3D

(Hint:Right-click on the link and then select "Save target as ..."".)

360 B
Vectory Program for the visual, dynamic representation of 3D objects of analytical geometry by Elschad Zhirinov.
The program was created as a skilled work project by Elschad Schirinow, a pupil of the Deutschhaus-Gymnasium in Würzburg. The program is a beta version. The author would be very happy about suggestions and hints for mistakes. He can be reached at the e-mail address Further information can be found here.
720 KB