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Mathematics Education

First state examination

First state examination

Tasks of earlier examination dates

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HNotes on the processing of the exam tasks

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Approved tools

Formulary Barth-Mühlbauer-Nikol-Wörle, Mathematical Formulas and Definitions

Rottmann, Mathematical Formulary (BI-Hochschuelaschenbuch No. 13 or reprint in Spektrum-Verlag)

Electronic calculator *)

*) The following items are not allowed: graphical calculators, programmable calculators and calculators that are suitable for storing text or storing more than 20 numbers, or that have programs permanently installed, or that load programs or data from removable storage media (such as magnetic cards). There are no issues for what concerns permanently stored physical constants. Also they are not allowed printing calculators and accessories for calculators such as printers or similar.

Purchasing the calculator and preserving its functionality must be done by the exam participants themselves. You are also responsible for the risk of eventual failure of the computer during the test itself. Exemptions (such as extended working hours, etc.) are not granted in such a case. Disturbances of the other examination participants as well as longer leaving the examination room to determine the cause of a possible failure of the computer and to restore the functionality cannot be tolerated. For what concerns objects that have primarily a different function or name but also perform the same function of a calculator, the same restrictions and other instructions for calculators apply, accordingly.

Concerning the TR assignment, the following points applies in summary:

  1. There is no list of approved or unauthorized computers. All decisions are made by the local supervisors.
  2. It is  in general allowed any item that does not allow programming and graphical representation.
  3. Students may like to ask in advance at the examination office  whether the respective computer is allowed or not.