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Institut für Mathematik

Mathematics International Master

Mathematics: Pure, Applied and Beyond

The International Master in Mathematics provides a fascinating, demanding, and research-oriented study program.

It offers advanced topics in the full variety of pure and applied mathematics. After graduation one can opt for excellent job perspectives outside university or PhD programs in Mathematics inside the university.

Annual Master Focus

In the academic years 2020/2021 till 2023/2024 an annual focus was offered: lectures and seminars prepare the way for current research topics in a select field. Mathematics International Master students may choose such a focus during their studies but are not obliged to do so.

Research in Groups

The innovative and novel teaching form of the master program is called "Research in Groups" (RIGs).

RIGs combine the two tradtional ways of teaching - lectures and seminars - in a research-oriented teaching format that provides a unique opportunity for students to acquire deep knowledge of a variety of modern topics in mathematics within small groups emphasizing communication and interactive skills.