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    Application for a

    • for a summer semester (April until September) is open until November 15 of the year before,
    • for a winter semester (October until March) is open until May 15 of the corresponding year.

    Please note that this application deadline is different from that for other master's programs at the University of Würzburg.

    The application consists of two parts. First apply online on our

    Online application website.

    In a second step, submit the following form and certified copies of your documents by regular mail to our International Office:

    Application form Mathematics International

    Please read the instructions carefully. In case of doubt contact the international office for guidance.

    Important to notice: The final decision for admission is purely based on the certified documents you send by regular mail! It is therefore a good idea not to wait too long for sending off these documents, as you might need additional time for appointments with embassy, visa application, etc.

    The following documents are requried. Applications with incomplete documents will not be admitted in the qualification process!

    • Bachelor's degree or comparable qualification for admission: Official certified copy. A certified copy of the undergraduate degree can be submitted by the beginning of the intended Master programme.
    • Transcript of Records with courses equivalent to a minimum of 150 credits: The Transcript of Records must be issued and certified accordingly by the appropriate examination authority or by the appropriate Admissions Office. The Transcript of Records must meet the requirements as outlined in the examination regulations.)
    • Curriculum of the underlying university degree (e.g. Course Guide).
    • Letter of Motivation – recommended: A written statement describing the reasons for wishing to be admitted to the JMU study programme that you have chosen. The Letter of Motivation should be written in English and should be 1-2 pages long. It should explain why your specific abilities, interests and career goals make you a good candidate for the intended study programme and why you would like to study at the JMU. Furthermore, you should explain why you feel you are in a position to understand the mathematical contents of the intended study programme and how you are able to process and independently answer the abstract questions. Additional relevant information pertaining to the present background history or regarding any special qualifications that you possess may be included. In your Letter of Motivation you should affirm that you have, without assistance, personally thought of and written your reasons for choosing this study programme and that you have identified any thoughts/ideas stemming from foreign resources.
    • Proof of language skills: If  English is not your first language and you have not completed your education officially in an English language programme, you must provide proof of sufficient language skills in English. Acceptable  English language certificates are TOEFL (minimum score 79), IELTS (minimum score 6.5)  and a Cambridge First Certificate in English. Please ask if you want to submit other certificates. Also note that you must be able to present these documents before the application deadline.

    The eligibility requirement for the Master's programme Mathematics International is a qualified Bachelor's degree in Mathematics or Physics or comparable study programmes. 

    The proof of a qualified university degree exists, if it includes equivalent examination achievements in relevant scientifically-based Bachelor's degree programmes in Mathematics (B.S. Mathematik, B.S. Computational mathematics, Mathematische Physik) at the Julius Maximilians Universität Würzburg, and if it meets the requirements of the  Master's degree programme. 

    In the period leading up to the application, please get informed about whether the courses that you have previously taken are comparable with basic courses at the JMU. Whether a degree is equivalent to the JMU degree can only be established during the official application process. 

    Minimum requirements for admission to the Master programme Mathematics International are the following:

    - courses totalling at least 70 ECTS credits in the following fields of mathematics: Analysis (differential and integral calculus in one or several variables) ordinary and partial differential equations, vector analysis, complex analysis, linear algebra, algebra, number theory, geometry, discrete mathematics, functional analysis, numerical mathematics, stochastics, financial mathematics, operations research, optimization, mathematical modelling and scientific computing,

    • courses totalling at least 10 ECTS credits in the aforementioned or other fields of mathematics,
    • courses totalling at least 30 ECTS credits in any field of mathematics or in subjects which apply mathematical methods (e.g., biology, chemistry, geography, computer science, aerospace computer science, physics, economics). 

    The number of ECTS credits corresponds to the estimated workload associated to the course (including time solving exercise problems and preparation for the exam): one ECTS credit corresponds to 25-30 hours.