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    Life in Würzburg

    About Libraries:

    • University of Würzburg Library (central library) has been serving the research needs of students, faculty and the public.
    • In addition to the main library system on campus, there are a variety of departmental libraries located across the university campus. Materials in these collections are usually accessible to the entire campus community, but often cannot be borrowed and are available during more limited hours.

    Fitness and Recreational Sports

    Basketball, fencing, rowing, swimming, dancing, rock climbing or soccer – the many sports clubs in Würzburg offer the sports enthusiast a wide range of possibilities.

    You can also bike along the river Main flowing through Würzburg, walk through the vineyards, relax in the schwimming pools, go to one of the fitness centers or stroll through parks and gardens.

    University Sports

    The Institute for Sport of the University offers each term a huge variety of Courses open to all students.

    Public Transportation

    Würzburg offers an extensive and very reliable public transportation network of buses and trams. You will find complete details on connections, prices, timetables, route planning and everything else on their website VVM.

    Students at Würzburg University enjoy free access to all buses and trams in and around the city center.