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Institute of Mathematics

New offer: "Online on Site"


On-the-fly switch between face-to-face and virtual teaching: The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science offers "Online on Site"

With "Online vor Ort" we want to support students at our faculty so that it is feasible for them to switch at short notice between a face-to-face lecture and one held as a video conference. For this purpose, we are now providing rooms in the buildings used by the faculty for teaching on the Hubland North and South Campuses.

In the WueStudy course catalog there is now the pseudo-event
   08500000 Online on site
with two parallel groups "Campus Hubland South" and "Campus Hubland North", in which mathematics students can find at least one room in each 2-hour slot that is usual for teaching, in which they can participate in a virtual course immediately after a face-to-face course without having to travel home and right back again to do so.

Rules of the game for room use:

  •     Wear mask, keep safe distance, 3G rule applies
  •     Be considerate of others in the room
  •     Bring your own laptop, tablet or smartphone
  •     Bring and use headset
  •     Be able to use WLAN (e.g. eduroam with your JMU student account)
  •     Stay only for the stated purpose: participation in a virtual course with preceding or following face-to-face course
  •     Rooms with windows should be ventilated regularly by the users

Attention: The available rooms can change in the course of the lecture period. Therefore, the WueStudy course catalog must be consulted regularly. However, the parallel groups can be marked for the study planner and a room change should thus be indicated.